My name is Camille Workman and I had eight years of previous experience working under a pediatric ophthalmologist as lead technician and surgical coordinator. I also had many years experience as an optician. Over my years of experience in the optical and ophthalmology fields, I have been witness to many patients who struggle to find an eye patch that is effective and comfortable when trying to occlude their eye. After seeing so many young children cry and parents frustrated…I decided it was time someone made an eye patch to make this difficult treatment easier. The traditional sticky patch is one of the few patching options for those wearing glasses (most children with Amblyopia wear eye glasses) as well as many adults who need patching treatment while wearing glasses. Many patients after using the sticky patch have expressed their frustrations with the skin rash that frequently occurs to the sensitive areas around the eye. Often parents are tired of battling with their child to not remove the sticky patch and to not peek with the pirate patch (the strap frequently bothers their head as well).

Patching with the “sticky” patches can also get quite expensive. A box of 20 usually sells for approximately $7.00/box and would cost $63-$126 dollars easily in six months if a patient used only one to two patches a day (many patients use more due to non-compliance and getting the patch wet etc…). The pirate patch is usually inexpensive but does not fit well under their glasses and is easy to “peek” without being noticed. Foils and taping the lens can work; however, many children will peek over the top of their glasses. Many parents are concerned of using Atropine as an alternative as well. As you should know, good compliance to patching (when directed) for Amblyopia or Strabismus, is critical to the success of improving vision in their weaker eye. So I went to work designing a patch that would be comfortable, washable and reversible (to occlude the right or the left eye). Also, I wanted a patch that would fit each frame well, keeping its shape and size. I wanted to design a patch that would offer full occlusion so that the young patients who like to peek would struggle to do so and those who wish to block light and dust or occlude for cosmetic coverage would also benefit. . I felt it important to custom make each patch to the patient’s glasses specific dimensions and to occlude all peripheral vision (so the glasses would need to be removed to peek). I wanted to design the patch so it could not slide to the side without removing the glasses and lifting the Velcro straps; which also helps insure that no quick peeking is occurring (this can also clue mom and dad in when their child has tried to removed the patch because the child usually will not secure the Velcro as straight or tight). The patch needed to work great for those adults who need occlusion for dipoplia, distorted vision improved by patching the affected eye, cosmetic and/or protective coverage and something again; soft and comfortable! I wanted the patch available in most colors and patterns to give as many choices as possible.

With many, many hours and late nights...I finally designed my Framehuggers®. I have developed and improved Framehuggers® eye patches over many years. I carefully tested them along with a pediatric specialist; Scott Pressman M.D. I have also sold patches on-line across the country and to other countries worldwide. I’ve received much positive feedback through doctors, optical offices, patients and parents. I am proud to introduce to you this helpful, beneficial and effective eye patch for patients requiring occlusion of their eye. I also offer the Patching pal Program to patients. The program is a dressed teddy bear that wears glasses and a Framehuggers® eye patch. It comes with a reward game to help encourage compliance and tips to help ensure parents are doing their best to ensure the best possible outcome for their child’s vision potential.

Thanks to all the great support and referrals; I have been able to quit my job as lead technician and surgery coordinator to pursue Framehuggers®; allowing me to reach for my goal to help all children and adults worldwide patch a little easier. Thank you all for your feedback and photos…keep it coming (I miss the hugs offered by so many in person at the clinic; so your efforts to write me make my new world of sewing" a lot easier).Thank you for your interest in Framehuggers®


Camille Workman




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