Are you frustrated with the battle of keeping your child’s glasses from slipping? Do you have a young child who thinks his glasses are a chew toy and easily removes them every two minutes to test this idea? Do you take your child to get their frame adjusted every other week, to realize an hour later that their ears hurt because the optician may have made the temples too tight; but if loosened any … your back to the “slide”. There is a solution to help.

Wearing the glasses in its proper position is very important to ensuring your child’s best occlusion when patching with a Framehugger. If your child easily removes his/her frame frequently; you cannot get the quickest benefit from patching. In an effort to continually serve my patients and to help parents ease the discomfort and frustrations with glasses and/or patching; Framehuggers® is proud to announce another solution….the “HeadHugger” eyeglass retainer. A comfortable, colorful headstrap solution.

After hearing from hundreds of parents struggling with other eyeglass retainers currently available and learning from the frustrations they had with current designs available; I went to work to make a design to correct the flaws of others. Below are some of the concerns parents had with other head straps.

Other eyeglass retainers:

  • Frustrations with how head straps attach to the temple ends, as many are not secure enough to grip the ends well and often break or turn brown/rusty.
  • Other head straps often don’t adjust small enough for small children’s heads and therefore cannot secure the frame up close to their face.
  • Many leave a part of the strap dangling onto the neck; which for sensory challenged children is not an option.  The dangling string with “ball like adjuster” won’t work for infants lying down and sometime the “ball adjuster” slip, loose grip and loosen.
  • Some secure with magnets at the base of the neck which again makes some parents concern to have magnets this close to the brain.  

Headhuggers eyeglasses retainer:

  • Attaches to the end of the temple with a neoprene grip (rubber inside neoprene) with two size openings so it can fit a narrow or wide temple end. This ensure better grip for narrow ends and easier application for larger temple ends.
  • Wraps a soft fleece around the base of the head, thru a loop and Velcro’s into place to ensure a snug but comfortable fit.  Velcro design keeps glasses in place; locking the strap into place.
  • Leave nothing dangling onto the neck and comfortable enough for even the highest sensory challenged patients to wear.
  • Adjustable even to the smallest/largest of heads with secure Velcro design! 
  • Washable, durable ( double stitched) and dependable!
  • Great for any sport or activity that requires your glasses to stay firmly in place.



Measure the distance from the temple end of the glasses (the part that rests behind the ears); across the base of the head to the other temple end. The Headhugger headstrap is adjustable by several inches but not a one size fits all. 

This would be a 7 inch headstrap based on measurement from temple to temple.





If you are interested in ordering a Headhugger eyeglass retainer immediately you may do so below. The price is $11.99 each and comes in any color our Framehuggers do so that you can match it to your eye patch. If you need an eye patch with your order, you will need to fill out our order form using the USA or INTERNATIONAL order form. You will then see the option for a Headhugger head strap at the bottom of the shopping cart.

If you would like to call us to complete your order please do so by calling toll free: 1-877-327-7225

***Note:  Due to high demands for our Headhuggers retainer; we have had to increase the manufacturing time to 6-10 business days to be custom made and shipped.  We apologize for this delay and thank you for your patience as we continue to build our manufacturing capabilities.  Thank you!

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