Let us "hug" your patient's frames!

Let us hug your frame
Welcome Ophthalmic Care Providers: We look forward to Hugging your patient’s Frames!  Please take a few moments to observe the intricately designed patch Framehuggers® offers.  We are confident that you will not find another cloth eye patch design to be better in quality and occlusion. The snug fit of the Framehuggers® coupled with the secure Velcro design helps keep the patch in place on both plastic and metal frames.  The patch design is reversible to occlude either right or left eye and the soft fleece fabric is not only great for comfort next to the skin but washes and holds up extremely well. 
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Framehuggers were designed by Camille Workman COA as she worked closely with Dr. Scott Pressman MD  ( a pediatric ophthalmologist) to ensure that the patch design was superior to all other cloth patches for glasses.  Dr. Pressman did not care for the flimsy felt patch design that shifted on the frames and frayed with washing.Nor did he like any of the others made with foam and or cotton with a "button hole" to secure to as it left gaps for the children to peek through.   He wanted something that would come back towards the face with complete three dimensional design (including the nasal angle)…not the one dimensional designs that allows peeking over and around the frame.  After years of altering and fine tuning her design, she tested them in clinic.  With tremendous success and her doctor’s enthusiastic approval they began to sell them in clinic. Framehuggers® are now sold worldwide with many doctors stocking them in clinic for their patients.  It is with great confidence after feedback from thousands of doctors, orthoptists, opticians, parents and patients that Framehuggers® offers a money back guarantee to all customers!

Framehuggers® offers any ophthalmic care providers the option to stock the Framehuggers® patches in a variety of sizes and colors at a significant discount.  This way you can help your patients obtain a quality patch immediately for your patient’s.   We offer a free samples patch to every clinic/office.  View our PDF to learn more about Framehuggers options for clinics.  If you would like to request your free sample and discount pricing information, please fill in the form below.

For immediate questions or orders contact Camille Workman directly Monday thru Friday 8am-5pm and Saturday 10:00am-5pm Pacific Standard Time at 1-877-327-7225.

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